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     Whip Up Happy with All Natural Scrubs

    It's simple - we want you to have fun. Both making it and using it. So we came up with a body scrub formula that's all natural, chemical free and cruelty-free. 

    Here's how it works: 

     Example of some of our salts:

    Black Hawaiian-Style Sea Salt (Black Lava salt) is an all-natural, solar-evaporated, Pacific sea salt blended with activated charcoal powder, which is derived from Hawaiian coconut shells. 

    Pink Himalayan Salt widely known for it's attractive color, Himalayan Pink Salt is a mineral salt and is composed of mostly sodium chloride, along with trace minerals of ironpotassium, magnesium, and calcium, which gives this salt it's rich pink color. Located in one part of the world, thousands of feet under the Himalayan Mountains, these salt fields were created from ancient oceans millions of years ago. Because they were encased in lava and ice and left untouched for so long, these salt fields are said to be the cleanest and purest in the world. Due to the mineral content in Himalayan Pink Salt, it is considered to have added health benefits in the holistic community. This salt is of the highest quality and is organic compliant. Unlike common commercial salt, this salt is unbleached, unrefined, and unprocessed. 

    This dead sea salt is100% pure and harvested from the Southern Dead Sea in Israel where the mineral content is the highest making it ideal for use in spa treatments and for therapeutic-grade Dead Sea bath salts and scrubs. 

    Choose the scrub making experience for parties and during open studio reservations.