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    Artisan soap making

    The artisan soap experience is here, and it is calling out to you! Learn this easy art of artisan soap making in our beginner-friendly workshops, parties and during open studio reservations.

    We use a shea butter soap base, offer a variety of scents from our fragrance bar, teach you the basics of scent profiles, encourage custom signature fragrance mixing, talk to you about the different botanicals, exfoliating salts and to custom make your own soap goodness.

    Project choices:

    - This one is a customer favorite!! Make a 7 -8 artisan soap bars in a three-layered shea butter soap loaf with your favorite scents, botanicals, salts and more. Cost: $45

    - Dip your toes in the absolute basics with soap bundt making. This easy laid back project is great for kids over 8 years and teens. Adult supervision required. $25 for a set of three soap bundts.

    - Soap Cupcakes - great for kid's birthdays and a quick project that can be completed in under 15-20 minutes. Kids ages 5 to 8 years old love this project.


    Soap bundts


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