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    places to have a fundraiser

    Want to join the party without organizing a private event?! You're in the right place. Check out our events calendar page and reserve a spot in your favorite experience. Sign up and show up, we take care of everything else!

    Choose from all of these different events for kids, adults and families together - Thirsty Thursdays, Hooray! it's Creative Friday, Family Fun Sunday, Kid's Night Out and much more.

    Since we opened in May 2014, our guests are the soul reason we are here, and when you create with A Colorful Affair and Pickles, you not only make art; you laugh, sing, have fun and make memories with us. You also help our team member pay for college, a local family put food on the table and help us come back to work each day. And we are grateful for this community partnership. Choose from our many different Fundraising & Karaoke experiences: Canvas, Ceramics, Art + Science parties, Spa party and much more. Call us at 630.806.1915 or write to us http://colorfulaffair.com/contact/ to customize your event.


    To help each other, support individuals, families, local schools, PTAs and causes that will benefit from community support. To help pay a family's medical expenses, give a loving home to a homeless pet or raise support for a local school. Every story is important, and we want to help get it out in the world around us.

    Pickles School Fundraisers

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